Monday, June 23, 2008


This Thursday, Girlcore is back at Catch 22 with "Girlcore: The Freak Show!" So, come dressed as your favorite freaky thing.

We are also giving away a pair of tickets to see Duran Duran at the O2 arena in London on July 3rd. How freaky is that?!

If you live outside of London here are their other UK dates:

July 5th Liverpool Echo Arena
July 6th Nottingham Arena
July 7th Birmingham National Indoor Arena

And for your viewing pleasure I dug up an old video of the classic, "Girls on Film". I mean, this IS Girlcore after all. I dont think you would have seen this particular video on MTV my friends. It's pretty raw and xxx rated and freaky deaky, a lot like GC. My favorite part is probably when one of the girls rides in on a naked man who is supposed to be a horse, then washes him down like shes in a stable.

Click here to see it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Submission accepted

by Isa GT

From start, *GIRLCORE* has had many male fans and many men gay and straight would like to be part of it, sadly its an all girl collective... that though doesn't mean we can't have some "honorary" members of girlcore!

Here's a picture messaging application from our beloved Caffe Latte! here is how it went...

-Caffe Latte:




They are SO *GIRLCORE*!!! I have to add I received this photos at 12:30 on Sunday! who knows what CAFFE LATTE were up to! All we know is they will be djing for us on the 31st of August at our tent at OFFSET FESTIVAL! as part of the dragcore line up!
go get your tickets like NOW!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OMG... GIRLCORE in French Playboy

This is me, Karley, showing my boobs in this month's issue of French Playboy. This makes me happy as I like the idea that weird pervy men all over the world are potentially jerking off over my tits, then climaxing all over my shiny, 2-D body, leaving their man juice to dry and get all crusty on my face. Maybe there's even a lesbo somewhere rubbing her wet va-jay jay on the page. Either way, nice one.

The picture was taken by Rankin, who is basically the epitome of the stereotypical fashion photographer. All he did the entire shoot was shout really cliched things like, "Oh yeah baby, give it to me. That's it!" and "Work it girl," while also occasionally throwing in the odd, "Do it. Make love to the camera, you sexy bitch." What was most impressive, though, was that he said all of this while somehow managing to simultaneously smoke a cigarette, boss around everyone in the room, and not lay eyes on me one single time. Basically, he was everything I hoped he would be and more. And realistically, as long as he makes me look hot, who the fuck cares about anything else?

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say that if anyone wants to send me creepy, dirty emails, the email address can be found in the upper right corner of this page. Any I receive I plan to make into a book to give to my boyfriend for his birthday. He's been being a right prick lately. He came home yesterday after I'd been in the house cooking us dinner all night (I would have used the phrase 'slaving in the hot kitchen all day,' but that would have just been a blatant lie. I was making sandwiches.) He was carrying a white plastic bag, held it up and smiled, "I bought you some presents!" This excited me as practically never happens.

So I open the bag all giddy, and what do I find? A carton of apple juice, which I despise (we have been together for four years now. He should know this), a string of love hearts (which is basically the only thing on this Earth I hate more than apple juice), and a copy of NYLON Magazine, which conveniently has the name of his ex-girlfriend's band printed in huge letters on the cover. Wait... let's reevaluate the situation at hand. Do you HAVE a brain, of have you taken such an incomprehensible amount of drugs that it has completely disintegrated, leaving a crater- filled globule of crusted slime it's its place? I know, I've got a great idea! Next time you want to surprise me with something, why don't you just ejaculate into a list of all the girl's names you've ever slept with, and then wrap it in a carton of apple juice? Fucking moron.

So yeah, like I said- filthy emails welcome.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Last Thursday *GIRLCORE* was invite to have a 1 hour radio show at Diesel U Music Radio!

You can download and listen to the radio show...