Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've been spending almost two months in the place that I used to call home: Buenos Aires. Every time that I come here, it feels like traveling in a time machine. So here I am, sharing with you some of the best pictures I ve found in the drawers. Enjoy.

This is my granpa Domingo aka Mingo (first bottom right) getting pissed with mafiosi friends.He is my grandad from my das's side, the Italian one. As you can see, silly pictures arent exclusive of the digital era.

and here we have my basque grandad, from my mother's side: Tulio ( second top left). He's at some sort of gathering in the country side with a bunch of gauchos.

wowser to this one. my mom at some modeling moment.

and the first guy on the left is my dad. he could be anyone in Shoreditch, but those wouldnt be having drinks with pimps and tango singers who died young in a knife fight.My dad was the only one that went to bourgeois university, the rest of these people are in jail or dead. university saves lives.

my first fashion photograph ever. i took this picture of my sis when she was 7- i was 10. she quit modeling and now spends most of her time in church.

and the last gem: me trying to enhance my latin- ness. i keep failing on this task.