Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tales from the Amazon, Part 1

As we mentioned earlier, our beloved Bex went to the Amazonian jungle for 2 months to apprentice with a shaman. No seriously. We miss her dearly but are happy to have an update...here it is:

Hello girls!

So here is a little update from me!

Going back to the jungle for 3 weeks tomorrow. Its been bliss so far. . . Lots of reading books in hammocks, I even wrote a song and sang it in ceremony! Lolo you would have laughed! I am officially a tree hugger!

No sun tan coz the sun is too strong or there is a massive down pour, but I did get burnt on the first day so I have a stupid racer tank top line on my back but that is all.

Have lost loads of weight already from a combination of eating noting but rice and fruit and what can only be described as gruel. Then I throw up twice a week when I´m tripping! Don´t worry though, I´ve needed to lose some pounds for about 5 years anyway and I´m not hungry so don´t worry.

Errm, so things that I have seen, on the 2nd time I did it this time round I was literally in another dimension. My soul was in the centre of the universe and I was told that all our souls have absolute knowledge and power - its just that we forget it when we take physical form as humans! The female shaman I have just been staying with also told this girl who is doing the course with me that she is from another planet and she should try and learn from us humans!

But I have come back to loads of boring and annoying emails (apart from girlcore´s obviously) so it makes me appreciate how lucky I am to get away from it all for a bit.

Girlcore @ Stag and Dagger!

Theme was 2009: A Girl Odyssey
We had Thunderheist play live for their only London show. Isis and Grahamzilla BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN!!
Lovefoxxx from CSS dj'ed. She was very cute, sweet and played some banging tunes.
You can see lots of photos on the links below.
See ya next year Stag and Gaggers!



Dummy Mag

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Raindrops, Roses, Whiskers, and Kittens

Even more from our talented girls...Ruth Bartlett, our resident illustrator, painter, and hot pants wearer has been painting at a lovely new cafe called "Tina, We Salute You".

They are having a private view this Saturday 9th May.
If you're free 6-8pm please come down and have a peek.

Tina, we salute you
47 King Henry's Walk
N1 4NH

Monday, May 4, 2009

We love Venezuelans!

Here is an email Marisa received from one of her Venezuelan friends after our last Girlcore party - how sweet is he?

"Hi Marisa!!

How are you? I hope that you are well and Oliver too ))))

What a nice party do I have with you the other day, I really love it and for sure you will be having me in all next editions of it.

The people was so cool, the bar is nice and the music is perfect, and you and your friends are amazingly nice people, (I was blessed by the girlcore team ))))), I have to thank you the invitation and at the sane time ask you for the next one )))))))) the last thursday of every month is filled with your party.

Have a nice end of this large weekend if you are in London and if not, have a nice time wherever you are.

I hope I can see you both again soon for more drinks and nice chats.

Take care,

Julia (Goulia) Corsaro, Girlcore's Resident photographer

Julia and her boyfriend Martin are showing their photos and illustrations at this shindig below. Go go go!!

Private View Tuesday may 5th, 7 till 10 pm

117 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB

‘Urbanism, that lover who makes our cities fascinating,
That lover who creates more barriers between us’. (Alessandro Bartolomei)

East London’s brand new venue the Dalston Superstore presents to you ‘We Heart Urbanism’, an exhibition born from the pages of Swedish illustrator Martin Wollerstam’s unique fanzine ‘Heart Heart’.

Wollerstam’s unmistakable illustrations are fast becoming a notorious part of east London’s urban landscape and across the board. His mono graphic lines create and deliver a twisted wit and social commentary; it is this individual take on the world that makes his curatorial skills so interesting and has resulted in this exhibition.

We heart Urbanism explores the work of five artists from around the world, living and creating work in urban environments, and exploring their responses to the concept of Urbanism. Through their artistic perception and language, a thought process is uncovered which creates a visual and conceptual urban landscape from the artist’s point of view.

Unexpectedly this is not an exhibition of Street art influenced work but subtle descriptions and poetic capturing of what makes us/we urban.

Martin Wollerstam is a Swedish illustrator based in London. He's received commissions from Selfridge's, Swear and night club Fabric to name a few.
His work is concerned about the ‘possibilities of illustrating the feelings and the emotions of his dark humoured drawings’.


Argentinean photographer Julia Corsaro is based in London. Her work mainly consists in documenting her own personal experience with any available camera and ordering pictures in sets that suggest hidden narratives.
As a part of music and art collective GIRLCORE, she is working together with other members in the launch of an art publication that will showcase female talent around the world.


Italian Photographer Alessandro Bartolomei is based in London and has had numerous exhibitions of his work in Italy.


Bigote Rojo is a Swedish born artist who lives between Sweden and London, for this exhibition his work concentrates on A highly populated urban environment called ‘Urville’ on an island off the coast of France. His work explores concepts of urban creators and the relationship between them, their metropolis, its inhabitants and humanity as a whole.

London based artist Alex Noble draws influences form Art Nouveau, comic books, 70’s poster art, myths and legend, pornography, sub culture, pop art, and fetishism.

In this exhibition he explores a humorous personal take on his responses to Urbanism, street culture, ghetto’s, urban jungles and homo-eroticism in an urban landscape.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Boots!

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Victoriaaaaa. Happy Birthday to you!

We have a special place in our hearts for Victoria. After all, it was a gig with her first band that brought us all together for our first big night out. That was over two years ago! Now - WOW! She's all grown up and on the brink of being an international pop superstar.

Vic - from all of the ladies at *GIRLCORE* we hope you have a fantastic birthday and don't drink too much like we would!