Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More world travel updates from Girlcore missionairies: Naz in Cambodia

i reached cambodia today - siem riep holds the temples of Angkor Wat / Nigger Wat , built by the Khmer 802-1220 AD,
one of the man made wonders of the world and biggest place of worship in the world apparantly...
to be fair though i am sitting in a cheese meister hotel (snake skin bed spread) ordering room service with a massive temperature
- watching wild sex on national geographic...

im sure its just a cold from walking in the rain and smoking an ounce of weed in a few weeks... and not denge fever...

if you like smoking weed, nature and chilling in divine scenery you will fuking love lao - they are throwing any kinda drugs (part of the golden vagina for opium production) at you at any street corner /// mum / dad / grandad / kid / it just doesnt fit somehow...

luang prabang - unesco protected x capital - stepping back in time to a miss marple mystery
tiny quant french colonial design and amazing temples - so incredibly pretty and slow /// full on river life

vang vieng has this crazy tubing thing down the nam som river (all rivers are deep brown) just you and a big tube going full force down a one way river - loadsa bars on the way that throw out lifelines and pull you in - with like mud wrestling and flight of the gibbon slides and swings... as you can imagine people are FUCKED and of much amusement to the laotian's that just stand there and watch all the horny drunk travellers endangering their lives...

vv is at a high altitude so clouds are always just a whisp away / walked through miles of rice fields to get to the mountains and see some crazy caves that peeps hid during the never ending civil war

vientiene capital - kinda like a small town with head quarters of lao corporations there - you cant beleive its a city
sleepy smokey grey blue hue everywhere - has a mini arc de triomphe and a rather underwhelming temple that has some part of the buddha is buried beneath it...

FACT: lao is the most bombed country in the world - 260m bombs where dropped on it / that is more than were dropped on the whole of EUROPE in the 2nd world war - 80m of those bombs are still live... thanks to the USA protecting the laotians from communism (ie their own government - sweet)...




Monday, July 13, 2009

Girlcore Launches A New Online Magazine

A few of Girlcore's resident artists Julia, Ruth, and Naz, have been working very hard on this new venture. The fruits of their labour can now be seen here!


This is the first edition. Girlcore Magazine will grow, evolve, and be published monthly. We would love submissions from all around the world so please, if you do any kind of visual art, contact us right away.


As Girlcore has always been about supporting female talent, all submissions must be by female artists (unless you are a guy who happened to create your art while in drag?)

Images by Albbott, Caffarone, Leshkina and Bielskyte.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

America's Next Pop Models

A few of the girls in Girlcore belong to a dance troupe called America's Next Pop Models. They performed at Isa Gt's Musicalia party Saturday night. Here it is in case you missed it...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Girls at Primavera Festival in Barcelona

We came, we saw, we snogged...here's to next year you Spanish lovers.