Sunday, September 30, 2007

Klaxons Are #1 (and they sport our props in public!)

by Marizla

I knew the Klaxons were destined for stardom the first time I saw them live and witnessed what was going on in the crowd of people wearing home-made neon Klaxons shirts.

It wasn't just the infectious energy, the righteous dance moves, the excuse to rave, or their fresh take on post-punk that made me think they were going somewhere. More than anything it was what the Klaxons inspired after they hit the scene, the movement they championed and the kids they galvanized. As gay as "new rave" is or has become, we give high fives to the Klaxons for winning the muthafuckin' Mercury Prize!

Two weeks ago, as I was heading out the door en route to the Mercury Prize celebration party at some dodgy little Jamaican pub in Dalston, I saw the Prize my mom had won at *Girlcore* Summer Camp just a few nights before. I grabbed a magic marker and customized it to give to the Klaxons. I mean, you can't show up at a party without a present, right?

First, the Prize as seen on my mom "Roro".

2nd, we couldn't believe our eyes when we opened up the latest NME!

3rd, check out the close-up!

Klaxons love *GIRLCORE* and we love them!

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yourmum* said...

they have had more nme covers than record sales.
the production on the record is fucking painful