Saturday, January 19, 2008

R.I.P. Richard Knerr

You may not know who Richard Knerr is, but he is an incredibly important historical figure who just passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 83. "Rich" Knerr and his childhood friend Spud Melin started a company in 1948 called Wham-O. Their first piece of geniusness was to create a toy slingshot. Soon after they went on to produce the Frisbee and the hula hoop.

You know how much we like hula hoops at *GIRLCORE* and we'd just like to take a moment and pause in silent reverence for the man that made hip swiveling so much fun.

If you haven't witnessed the hula hoop masterpiece performances of Marawa, we suggest you do so now. If it weren't for Richard Knerr we might not have a Marawa and the world would be a sad place without her.

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