Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Girls Noize

This Saturday, Isa GT and I were the bread in a biiiiiiig super-size German sandwich. The filling? Boys Noize with added D.I.M. The restaurant? Bugged Out! at Hearn Street Car Park.

1000 people shaking their butts to celebrate the soon-to-be-released (and totally amazing) Boys Noize Suck My Deck mix album, out soon on New State Records. Oh it's tasty.

If you weren't there, here are some pics I stole from Johnno Bugged Out (you weren't there? SHAME.)

It's a party!

Alex Boys Noize with lil' sailor Lolo

Isa doin' it like she knows how

Smugged out: Charlotte, Boys Noize & I

...thanks for having us Bugged Out! best. night. ever.



DukeLuke said...

Was there that night and had an awesome time, even though it was in a car park. My camera wouldnt work so glad to see some pics.
Were u doing a set first?? Loved Boys Noize, but i honestly thought u played the better set.

DukeLuke said...

Oh.....Im not a girl. Does that matter?