Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SURPRISE! Bloc Party have released unexpected third album on the web...

In case you were expecting the hotly anticipated 3rd Bloc Party record to come out at the end of the year like most people - surprise surprise, it will be available in just 2 days, hurrah! The band announced the album release last night on their first ever webchat with fans. It's pretty awesome since they have only just finished the record a couple of weeks ago. I remember when I worked at record labels only a few years ago and artists would have to wait upwards of 6 months just to get their music out because they were bound by things called 'release schedules' and having to be slotted into the huge cog of the traditional music industry.

So anyway here are the details:
You can pre-order the album titled "Intimacy" right now on blocparty.com. Fans can choose to pay either £5 for a high-quality mp3 bundle (to be delivered in TWO DAYS on August 21), £8 for a CD (to be delivered on October 27), or £10 for a combined order of both CD and mp3 bundle. Pretty good deal dudes.

You can hear 2 new songs "Mercury" and "Trojan Horse" on their myspace page http://www.myspace.com/blocparty

I've heard the whole thing already and the way I'd describe it is: to me album number 2 was in black and white - this album is in technicolour!

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