Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh England, I never knew I missed you...

I've been back in my home country for the past 2 months - America. 1 month in NYC and 1 month in Texas. While I was there the same old question everyone always asked me was "Do you LOVE living in London?" You see, to Americans, anyone with an accent that even SOUNDS kinda sorta British (Australian, Irish, South African, hell, even French because Americans can't tell the difference anyway!) is instantly sooooooo cool. And if you are a guy, you magically resemble Hugh Grant and can talk the panties off of any girl in the room. So you can imagine their surprise when I always answered the same way "No. Actually I'm sick of it and I want to move back to America. Now can you please pass the salsa, my tacos aren't spicy enough yet."

I mean anyone who has sulked through the last 2 so-called "summers" will agree with me. So, when you are in Texas in December and it's 80 degrees and you're contemplating jumping in the pool - you kinda don't miss London.

Well, now I'm back in below freezing London and hey! I missed lots of things I never knew I did:

1. My cat Biscuits. Now this may seem cruel since I should KNOW I missed him, but sometimes I need a break. He has sharp claws and he likes to use them.

2. PG Tips and Marmite on toast for breakfast. I found some in NY actually - 40 bags of PG Tips for $8!!! What?! and Marmite for $11.50! But they just don't taste the same there.

3. The Sunday Observer. It just doesn't get any better than this. I could almost read it cover to cover when I had the time. That was B.B. (before baby).

4. Sky+ and British TV altogether. After spending 500 hours watching commercials on American TV and cursing every minute I am so happy to be back to commercial free TV if I choose. If I see one more commercial pushing legal drugs from multi billion $$ pharmaceutical companies I will die.

5. Virgin Airlines. Ahhhh, good ol trusty Virgin with their red lips, perfect hair buns, and no lines to wait in. How I've missed you.

6. Real Prime Time sports like "The Darts" and "Worlds Strongest Man". This is a bit more my style. I got really into American football while I was there because the Dallas Cowboys had a shot at the playoffs. But the WHOLE state of Texas got way too aggro over it and it made me realize why I've always hated football. It's such a 'dude' sport. (and that goes for American AND British versions of football)

7. No fast food. Yes there's a KFC around the corner but it's just another store on the high street that can be easily ignored. And thats the only one I can think of in this area at all. In America you can't drive 2 minutes without being accosted by some fast food franchise. Ew.

Well I've only been back for 3 days and haven't left my street so that's all that comes to mind now. I'll let you know when I start missing football and McDonalds.


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Coles Mom and Dad said...

Yes, less than 48 hours ago it WAS 80 degrees here, but today I awoke to Freezing Rain!! WTF is freezing rain anyway?! In CA you have rain or snow & that's it as far as winter weather goes.

Also, in Texas you pretty much HAVE to drive to get anywhere! And you left out fashion on the list of Pros to living in London:)

I think we all assumed that you must LOVE living in London, just because you have lived there so long. But I think I also speak for everyone(here)when I say that we are all ready for you to come back home!!!

Miss you, Julia Ghoulia.