Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tales from the Amazon, Part 1

As we mentioned earlier, our beloved Bex went to the Amazonian jungle for 2 months to apprentice with a shaman. No seriously. We miss her dearly but are happy to have an update...here it is:

Hello girls!

So here is a little update from me!

Going back to the jungle for 3 weeks tomorrow. Its been bliss so far. . . Lots of reading books in hammocks, I even wrote a song and sang it in ceremony! Lolo you would have laughed! I am officially a tree hugger!

No sun tan coz the sun is too strong or there is a massive down pour, but I did get burnt on the first day so I have a stupid racer tank top line on my back but that is all.

Have lost loads of weight already from a combination of eating noting but rice and fruit and what can only be described as gruel. Then I throw up twice a week when I´m tripping! Don´t worry though, I´ve needed to lose some pounds for about 5 years anyway and I´m not hungry so don´t worry.

Errm, so things that I have seen, on the 2nd time I did it this time round I was literally in another dimension. My soul was in the centre of the universe and I was told that all our souls have absolute knowledge and power - its just that we forget it when we take physical form as humans! The female shaman I have just been staying with also told this girl who is doing the course with me that she is from another planet and she should try and learn from us humans!

But I have come back to loads of boring and annoying emails (apart from girlcore´s obviously) so it makes me appreciate how lucky I am to get away from it all for a bit.

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