Saturday, March 24, 2007

The "Soul Supreme" way of lodging

by Ruth Bartlett a.k.a. Miss Ruth Bartleby

I’ve just spent the most intense fortnight of my life designing and fabricating a room at the magnificent Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton. The whole hotel is based around music, art and culture, with every room decorated around a different theme. So here’s a little shot of my “Soul Supreme” room. It’s an homage to Motown music, and (blowing my own horn very hard here) it’s fucking awesome! I don’t even really like purple, and I’m not fussed about Motown music, but there you go. We had a very naughty party to celebrate, which concluded with a bunch of girls running round the “Durex Playroom” suite semi naked with a bearded man in cowboy boots pole dancing.

You should all come stay sometime for cocktails and frolicking…

Ruth's "Soul Supreme" room

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