Monday, March 26, 2007

What do blind people dream of?

by Loquicia

I could talk about the *GIRLCORE* night launch and how great a success it was, I could talk about women's international day, I could talk about Ségolène Royale. I could talk about 'The Science of Sleep', the brilliant film I went to see the other day, I could talk about getting fined by useless London train companies or how frustrated I am with my bank. I could talk about the last time I got drunk, I could talk about the bicycle I just bought.

I could talk about how I got mugged and scared away my attacker, I could talk about my job, I thought about talking about perfume -scents being one of my favorite topics of conversation-, I could talk about how I just nearly dropped a lens of my spectacles in the toilet, I could talk about why I don't like to sleep, I could even write a poem - a new secret talent I've discovered in myself, I could talk about Cherise...

But I'm not going to do any of that.

I 'm going to use this newsletter to ask a question I've never found the answer to. I could research it, but I've always found it more interesting to test people's minds and see what answers they come up with. My question is: what do blind people dream of?

Please send me your answers to (seriously, I've created it). I want to know your answers based on your own imagination, suppositions, or experience... until the day I walk into a hospital for blind people or meet a blind person and dare ask. Maybe i'll give a prize to the best answer. You never know with *girlcore*.

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