Wednesday, August 8, 2007

More thunda from down unda - MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS

by Carmelita Morales

The Midnight Juggernauts are three nice boys from Melbourne and I met them because they opened up for Bloc Party on their recent Australian tour. After the show in Sydney they decided to take us to a club that I can't remember the name of. Go figure. But the thing I DO remember is that the club is run by this dude who has no arms or legs. And he DJs with his awesome metal arms like something out of Mad Max. Why didn't I have my camera?! Arrrrgh.

But anyway, when I watched them on stage the lead singers voice reminded me of Sisters of Mercy but on the record it comes across as more David Bowie. Justice named the track "Into The Galaxy" as one of their top 5 fave songs of 2007. It's pretty far out man. Like stoney, electro spiders from mars. Check it

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