Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Whitest Boy Alive!

by Lokicia

The Whitest Boy Alive easily found its place in my itunes top 25 most played tracks this year; i would always get a 'oh you always play this' kind of comment from the guys at work each time the drums of 'Burning' would kick in from my speakers. None the less, i was feeding them with great music. I think.

One of the reasons of my visit to Berlin in May was to see them live; but for more than one reason i couldn't attend the show. But last night, Modular Records brought them over for a special London show. As I arrived, I quickly realized that I was not the only one excited about this. Obviously, my name was on the list (!), but the venue reached full capacity 1 hour before the performance was due... What to do? I couldn't miss them again.

*girlcore* stylee, me and my friend jumped over a barrier and managed to get in. There we were confronted to more queues, but managed to squeeze our bodies to the front. And from there, we enjoyed the show. And a great show it was. It started off with a soundcheck in front of the audience which got everyone in the mood I guess. The performance of their tracks was great, some were funkified discofied, some were played slower, some faster. The guys in the band looked as if they really enjoyed the show and interacted a lot with the audience (and lighting engineers). But I think the highlight for most people was the cover they did of Show Me Love by Robin S that got everyone singing hands in the air. They also did a pretty amazing cover of Portishead's 'Give Me a Reason'.

What was meant to be a private showcase turned out to be a massive pit. But I still enjoyed it immensely. Big props to Kirsten from Modular and *girlcore* for trying her best to hold it together.

And yes, I played the album again today at work.

If you haven't listened to any of their stuff, what are you doing, check them out now.

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