Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Currently obsessed about...

by Hoochie MaMaria

Paper Television by THE BLOW: amazing band from Portland, Oregon. One girl who sings, one boy who twiddles buttons, 12 amazing songs.

Elvis by These New Puritans: I've had this song on repeat for the past few days. You really have to listen to this oh-so-triangular band from Southend.

Cowboys Aren't Indians: I only have about three of their songs but am already in love with this band. Also check out The Unicorns, it was on their top 8 that I found them.

Foals: If you came to our last party, you'll already know how amazing these boys are live. If you didn't, then what's wrong with you!!!

New Kids on the Block: the original boyband. Pure pop genius.

The Teenagers: yeah I know I went on about them last time, but how can you not love them when their recent songs include one called "Starlett Johansson"?

Heroes: This show is actually amazing. Random people around the world (well, most of them American, obv) start getting supernatural powers. I know it sounds cheesy but when it's done in such a slick, Lost-style, what-the-hell-is-going-on kind of way it just works.

Skins on E4: it doesn't really matter if it seems a bit contrived. With all the teenage sex, drugs, romance and heartbreak going on, I just can't help myself from going on full-on internet searches for the next episode. Plus, how hot is Tony?

The L Word: Lesbian drama not just for lesbians. And even if you're straight you'll love Shane.,, Thanks to these guys I can watch all of the above.


Isa GT said...

eso mija asi me gusta...participativa!

Andy said...

New Kids on the Block! I worry...