Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Swedish Gym - perfect hangover remedy?

by Raphaele Tosca

What’s the best remedy against the following days of hangovers? Sport!
It eliminates toxins and airs the brain without asking too much from it... And the solution to save us? The Swedish gym!
This particular style of gymnastics, very popular in Sweden, arrived in France a few years ago where it exploded this year. We are all crazy about it.
The movements are simple and accessible to all, but the method behind it, worked out by a Swedish kinesitherapist in 1978, is very serious.
In a one hour lesson it connects all that is recommended for that difficult morning-after-the-night-before: stretchings, heart work, muscle building and relieving, all of that to the sound of pop tunes, disco music, new wave...
We leave there soaked and with bright red, totally flushed faces.
The plus of this practice? No mirror, the instruction is held at the centre of the room and the participants around. That avoids the competitive spirit and narcissism. You should not be agoraphobic because we can be 100 people per lesson!!! It is rather funny to see...
In short, here is a lovely regressive and relatively not expensive (quarterly subscription 75€, 10€ per lesson) workout to practise with your girlfriends which is lively and fun and can save us from the hangover from the night before and make us release all our stress !
There are rooms in all the districts of Paris and lessons at any hour.
I don’t know if you can find this practice in your country yet but if not I am sure it will come very soon….

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