Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Pelao" - go listen!

track by Isa GT

music by Rec Made from Colombia, vocals and lyrics by Isa GT

Currently obsessed about...

by Hoochie MaMaria

Paper Television by THE BLOW: amazing band from Portland, Oregon. One girl who sings, one boy who twiddles buttons, 12 amazing songs.

Elvis by These New Puritans: I've had this song on repeat for the past few days. You really have to listen to this oh-so-triangular band from Southend.

Cowboys Aren't Indians: I only have about three of their songs but am already in love with this band. Also check out The Unicorns, it was on their top 8 that I found them.

Foals: If you came to our last party, you'll already know how amazing these boys are live. If you didn't, then what's wrong with you!!!

New Kids on the Block: the original boyband. Pure pop genius.

The Teenagers: yeah I know I went on about them last time, but how can you not love them when their recent songs include one called "Starlett Johansson"?

Heroes: This show is actually amazing. Random people around the world (well, most of them American, obv) start getting supernatural powers. I know it sounds cheesy but when it's done in such a slick, Lost-style, what-the-hell-is-going-on kind of way it just works.

Skins on E4: it doesn't really matter if it seems a bit contrived. With all the teenage sex, drugs, romance and heartbreak going on, I just can't help myself from going on full-on internet searches for the next episode. Plus, how hot is Tony?

The L Word: Lesbian drama not just for lesbians. And even if you're straight you'll love Shane.,, Thanks to these guys I can watch all of the above.

Making friends and influencing people: part I the bouncing baffoon

by Arabgirl 15, Arabcore

Kay so I’m at an industry Christmas party, having it large with a bunch of advertising/production types... Meandering through the crowd I’m grabbed by a very excitable young man... we do the standard intro, “Hey, what's your name, what d’you do and where d’you work...?” Held captive and kinda bored, I agree to dance. T’was fun until he got even more excited and started bouncing up and down, I contemplated joining in, but a little voice in my head reminds me IM NOT A DICK...

Anywayz - soon after I make my escape… As boyo is about to leave he comes to bid me farewell, he’s off to South America till Feb, he says and promises to look me up on his return…

Cut to late Feb when I get the call… I agree to a lunch later that week. He wants curry I want low carb, blah blah, we decide on sushi, I offer a destination, he offers another and that we should meet beforehand at Patisserie Valerie on Wardour Street (before what hand I wonder we only have an hour?!)

Cut to day of meet, rushing to Oxford St I discover a voicemail “let’s meet at something something(?!) gallery on Old Compton Street” he says… It's 1.10, we only have till 2. I jump in a cab to OCS and pace the length of it in search of this unheard of gallery, repeatedly calling his VOICEMAIL... 1.27, still no gallery - still no call. I'm pissed and hungry... finally he grows some brain cells and leaves whatever non-receptive pit he’s in to call... “I’m in PATISSERIE VALERIE on Old Compton Street” he say’s... OMG - how on earth am I supposed to figure that out - fuckwit?

He comes to collect me and double WHAMMY he’s a minger… I obviously had my vodka specs on that night…

25mins left before boyo has to dash, looking around trying to find a venue… I make a suggestion – it gets ignored... hawk eye spots another patisserie, we go in, they sell PIZZA and CAKES, he looks at me like will you eat pizza, erm let me just ask Dr Atkin? I give him the killer look and offer him a choice, “You eat if you want…” I say. I don't know what I was expecting to hear but, a slice of pizza and 2 mint teas wasn't it...

He sits, all happy with himself saying "oh that’s just what I fancy..." So there I am sitting in a stupid Patisserie, starving, sipping DRIED mint tea, watching him eat pizza whilst waffling on and on about his trip to India (?), his stupid film, film festivals its entered, and then a little bit more about him... only point of interest being that we have a mutual friend - Christine... (The same Christine who later tells me that A) hot stepper actually lives with his girlfriend... and B) prides himself on wooing all the girls with his lightning moves...)

I get a window to speak so I mention a short film I’m making, he strums a few ideas my way being a DP an’all... 3 minutes pass…

Finally time is up, he gets up to pay, the bill’s £8... He turns to me, flustered and admits he’s £6 short?! Go figure... he’s lucky that I’m better than this and I give him the cashola... Not content with his current performance, he attempts to justify his pikey-ass by delivering the line "oh well I guess my ideas weren't free after all" snorting gleefully…

A few airkisses and promises of future encounters later, I manage to make my escape AGAIN - still hungry and pissed off I go to the cashpoint to get money TO BUY MY LUNCH…

Late, I arrive back at the office ready to forget the whole thing – and what do I find? An email from, ”We were so busy talking concepts I forgot to ask, who out of your lovely directors you could hook me up with?”
Mint tea anyone?

The Swedish Gym - perfect hangover remedy?

by Raphaele Tosca

What’s the best remedy against the following days of hangovers? Sport!
It eliminates toxins and airs the brain without asking too much from it... And the solution to save us? The Swedish gym!
This particular style of gymnastics, very popular in Sweden, arrived in France a few years ago where it exploded this year. We are all crazy about it.
The movements are simple and accessible to all, but the method behind it, worked out by a Swedish kinesitherapist in 1978, is very serious.
In a one hour lesson it connects all that is recommended for that difficult morning-after-the-night-before: stretchings, heart work, muscle building and relieving, all of that to the sound of pop tunes, disco music, new wave...
We leave there soaked and with bright red, totally flushed faces.
The plus of this practice? No mirror, the instruction is held at the centre of the room and the participants around. That avoids the competitive spirit and narcissism. You should not be agoraphobic because we can be 100 people per lesson!!! It is rather funny to see...
In short, here is a lovely regressive and relatively not expensive (quarterly subscription 75€, 10€ per lesson) workout to practise with your girlfriends which is lively and fun and can save us from the hangover from the night before and make us release all our stress !
There are rooms in all the districts of Paris and lessons at any hour.
I don’t know if you can find this practice in your country yet but if not I am sure it will come very soon….

By Alice Bron

Says he was driving in his car
But ow he didn't get far
Felt like he was going to fall
And crashed into a wall

Oscar has a scar
A very scary scar

The night was noir
He saw a falling star
Was it December
He doesn't remember

Oscar has a scar
A very scary scar

But now we're in a bar
Hearing a guy play guitar
Talking about the past
Everything went so fast

Oscar has a scar
A very scary scar

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